Our goal is to create web sites and presentations that leave a lasting impression and  truly work to meet the customer’s goals. All projects are planned with the business needs taking a front seat. Take a quick look at some of our recent clients by clicking on the areas below:

Salomon Construction provides General and Roofing Contractors for commercial and industrial buildings, as well as residential homes and developments. As General Contractors they provide a complete range of services. These services include the construction of Shells, Roofing, and Storm Protection. A WEB site can offer additional information about a company, allowing prospects to get a much stronger perspective for the quality and reputation of the seller.

Roll The Stones Band This group of musical veterans have between them an extensive number of years of experience in the music business. The band have developed into a powerful musical force that has rocked all over South Florida and Europe. Let your visitors feel the fun an excitement you’d like to project. A Web site should capture the proper look and feel to reflect your messaging.

Motorola Ferrari Challenge is a series of exciting events staged in several locations throughout the world. The goal here was to raise awareness of this event and also highlight the release of the new Pinafarina designed Motorola phone. The web site draws race enthusiasts to this new line being released in conjunction with the event. Developing a specialized interest site is a sure way to draw visitors to your site. Once the visitor arrives, not only will they enjoy the visit and share the location with friends, but also remember your product message as well.

Naturally Healthy by Miri  Miriam Amselem’s strengths are in wellness and lifestyle transformation through Nutrition, Meditation, Mindfulness, Stress Reduction, Yoga and Fitness. As a Corporate Wellness Expert, Miriam has brought her programs to top South Florida companies including Zumba Fitness Corporation, Sapoznik Insurance Corporation and many others.

Dr Temt and Pauli of Vienna,Inc is the exclusive importer and distributor of Dr. Temt Skin Care and Combinal® in the United States with over 30 years of experience in the distribution of skin and hair care products. They are assisted by renowned beauty industry and biotech consultants. Through this new chapter, Dr. Temt Laboratories is maintaining its tradition of producing in small handmade batches, using the finest raw materials under Austrian standards of production excellence.

CitySmart Magazine focuses on what is happening in the community. The magazine will eventually be rolled out to many major cities. People need to bond, to feel part of their community — CITYSMART wants to help residents achieve that through stories, columns, event photos and more. The Web is a terrific medium to for rolling out an Ezine, allowing readers to see all of your archived articles. It is the only medium allowing instant access via email for your readers to actually be a part of the magazine itself.

ObamaCare and more has been helping people find the right insurance coverage — and get the most for their healthcare and life insurance dollars. If you’re ready to compare popular plans online, get your free quotes now. You’ll get our expert advice and help through every step of owning an insurance policy.

Coral Springs Festival of The Arts. This Festival features a professional art fair as well as local and national craft exibits. Proud to have sponsored this Festival for seven years highlighting some of America’s finest artisans and contemporary crafters, including performing arts, with fine music, dance, theatrical and literary presentations. This successful event helps foster the development of the Downtown area, as well as enhance the cultural opportunities of the citizens of Coral Springs. 

Citrix Systems Inc. uses an Online Restricted Portal developed as a reproduction and enhancement to their Solution Tools CD. The CD contained interactive training, product related games utilities, etc. This services a customer base of over 30,000 and provided additional value-adds to the companies resellers of purchased products. Questions can be answered in an easily available and interactive way. More possibilities can be addressed, issues resolved in advance and actually costs reduced by lowering call volumes handled via the Web.